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About Me

Growing up surrounded by a family of professional musicians and psychologists, music and psychology have always been my passions; acting as an outlet of creativity and the lenses with which I view the world. I have been writing music, playing guitar, and singing since I was 7 years old.

Fast forward a few years to college, when I began studying psychology, I started forming a preference for writing songs about peoples’ experiences and lives as a whole --in hopes that I would help myself and those around me rediscover our minds and emotions in an entirely new light.

After spending countless hours in jobs that are entirely unfulfilling and lack the capacity to change lives for the better, I have redirected my career to focus on educating others about mental health and providing the tools/resources needed to achieve peace of mind. My hope is that I can use my music, blog posts, and videos on TikTok/Instagram to teach others how to build psychological flexibility; equipping us to better understand how our brains work, and why we feel the emotions we do.

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